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Default Re: Fantastic Four Box Office Prediction Thread

This possibly would be better served in this thread..

Here's another thought.. I honestly feel that Fox really doesn't realize the gravity on how much money there gonna lose as a whole.. I say this because...

First watch this..

Notice he said he was "Surprised".. Also if you google the subject and bring up all the online news and trade articles, most of the comments are negative but the writer doesn't follow up to see the reactions so all Fox see's is that the trades are buzzing and usually the puppets are gushing about this production thinking that folks are really excited when most are the opposite... So, I really don't think they really know whats going on and they're gonna make this film, lose a bundle, and then wonder why (Like Disney with John Carter or any other flop for that matter) it was such a bomb.. Maybe I'm wrong.. IDK

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