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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

Standard predictions;

Younger cast across the board, hence it being set in Batman's early years
Definitely a young actor playing Bruce
Spider-man did it, so can Batman. Established in Gotham though, so NO origin
Only using characters who are considered canon
More stylised take aesthetically(Gotham, vehicles, cave etc) with more Fantastical action sequences
More fantastical stories
More sci-fi s**t
Some light/dark humour
I don't think they'll be afraid to go with the Joker, but expect a more ensemble array of villains, including Croc and Riddler
Still attempting to be 'dark', 'gritty' and 'edgy', or whatever ridiculous words you want to use, in order to relate to emo's.
More condensed. What I mean is that Nolan's films had a global feel to it, whereas this may be confined to the notion of an isolated city
More gadgets!
More emo s**t with Bruce

Less standard prediciton;

Creating a directly indirect sequel to TDK, retconning TDKR and showing the aftermath of TDK as a sort of 'elseworlds' tale. Not neccesarily set in the same universe, but using the same key plot components, and this would mean Joker.

This is all general and half in jest, but what I would ultimatley like to see is NOT another movie, but well-budgeted TV series that follows a distinct through-line in each series. Maybe 5-8 1 hr shows across the year. I would be undecided as to whether this starts with an established and older Bruce, or from his first year as Batman. Or perhaps after his first year. Either way i'd want to see Robin come into it in the second or third season.

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