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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

A few more ideas.

- I want to see Harvey Bullock finally being used as Nolan never seemed to want to use any continuity when it comes to the faces of the GCPD besides Loeb and Gordon. Let's have a partner for Gordon throughout a film series and Bullock is the right man.

- I want to see another mobs plot, but use characters like Penguin and Black Mask. More or less using "freaks" running the mobs instead of the guys Nolan used like Falcone and Maroni.

- I REALLY want to see Mr. Freeze and Riddler. Besides the villains Nolan have used, those two are the next villains that I want to see in spectacular fashion.

Originally Posted by Tojo View Post
Creating a directly indirect sequel to TDK, retconning TDKR and showing the aftermath of TDK as a sort of 'elseworlds' tale. Not neccesarily set in the same universe, but using the same key plot components, and this would mean Joker.
Imo, this should never happen. I don't want a director creating an indirect sequel to The Dark Knight. That was Nolan's creation and only his.

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