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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
I just watched TDK again this morning, and I do believe some form of exile for Batman was planned. In Rachel's letter she mentions that a day when Gotham no longer needs Batman would possibly come, but a day when Bruce no longer needed Batman would never come.

Perhaps Bruce's self imposed exile as Batman wouldn't be 8 years, but I still think the first act in TDKR would have stayed pretty much the same, at least for Bruce's arc; had Heath lived, and returned as the Joker.
Wow, I had never thought of Rachel's letter like that. It is pretty interesting how Bruce Wayne can't live without The Batman in the beginning of TDKR.

Originally Posted by RAINMAKER View Post
I don't disagree with this, but I think a lot of us are having trouble understanding why exactly Bane and Talia want to blow Gotham City to bits while killing themselves in the process? However, I do understand that Talia wanted Batman to witness his failure in saving his city. But again, I don't know why she would go through the trouble of killing herself just to make Batman suffer. Bane's motivation is even more bizarre.
I view all of Bane's men, Bane and Talia just being okay with sacrificing themselves when "fulfilling" Ra's al Ghul's destiny. I think it should have been explained for why they're so into that idea(but then again, it's never explained even for why the LoS were loyal to Ra's), but other than that I think it's understandable since Bane's men are even down with sacrificing their lives for Bane, so Bane himself and Talia would be down to kill themselves as well.

In simple terms:

Bane's men - would sacrifice their lives for Bane

Bane - would sacrifice his life for Talia

Talia - would sacrifice her life to prove that Batman failed

Just another reason why I believe they are the LOS 2.0. When Bane was ex-communicated, he and Talia had a lot of time to put together their own crew.
I kinda think a bit differently than that...I think Bane slowly made a name for himself, as seen from the CIA knowing full well who Bane is and Talia was in the background while Bane was making a name for himself and gaining an army.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Yeah, I can't buy that the last night Bruce was in the cape and cowl was the night Dent died. I mean, did the Dent Act come into affect the very next morning? lol.
It can be looked either way, I think, to the viewer's imagination.

Batman could have quit with the majority of the mobs in jail for a year plus as mentioned by Dent and the top guys being dead and gone(Gambol, Chechen, Maroni) or Batman stayed around just to make sure Gotham is okay until it's time for him to really quit.

Originally Posted by RAINMAKER View Post
You make some good points. However, Ra's wanted a reset and believed what he did was for the good of Gotham. Bane and Talia on the other hand, wanted to destroy the city.
Indeed. With Talia, it was all about revenge and to her luck, she knew a man and an army that would die for a cause.

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