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Default Re: SuperMan Sequel: Major Twists-Shocking Truth about Jason


In regards to your ideas in the first post of this thread...I think it's brilliant! Very creative, new, fresh...original...yet drawing somewhat from the comics we all know and love.

Sorry to say but it seems that Hollywood is just not capable of coming up with anything new (imo).
While it's great to see more and more comics coming to the big we really need everything from the 60's & 70's there too? (Underdog, Get Smart, Bewitched...)
The Bionic Woman & Sarah Conner Chronicles are being made into tv series, updated verions of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rob Zombies doing Holloween...Yes these are all great/will all be cool to see...but seriously...I want to see something ORIGINAL!!!

I thank you Bug-Eyes for sharing your ideas.

::edit - Yeah super-kid was something new...but not cool, therefore he needs to go away and I like Bug-Eyes concept::

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