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Default Re: SuperMan Sequel: Major Twists-Shocking Truth about Jason

Originally Posted by Bug-Eyes View Post

So at this point Jason becomes ill, Superman learns he is not really his son, and that there is nothing he can do for him. As soon as the Brainiac life form emerges jason will die. Superman risks his life and ventures to new krypton (to recover his crystals) only to discover their is nothing he can do. (Hints of future sequel villians from New Krypton)

how about at this point when on NK he fights a somewhat creature like doomsday that was created and spawned from NK, just because the technology made land it sure has minerals to make life.... think bout... basically somehting to to make his journey there a little more hard on him, maybe the blood of the 3 dead henchmen, crystals, minerals, and H20 made this creature... remember you need some form of H20 to create anything

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