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Default Re: Stand Alone & Spin-Off Star Wars movies...what would you like to see get made?

I love the Kenobi , Maul, Cody idea above . I think it would be an amazing film that would really touch on a lot of character moments . Even going as far as seeing a Jedi finally having to confront all the emotions they try to avoid . Seeing obi wan dealing with such anger and probably depression from seeing the man he trained and considered a brother betray everything , Cody possibly suffering from PTSD after Order 66 and looking for another battle because that's the only place that feels like home and Maul having lost all reason for being clinging to anything that would give him a reason to keep going with revenge being all that's left. I've also heard and read some others but this is what I'd like to see

1. A seven samurai/ magnificent seven style Jedi movie
2. Origins of the Sith
3. Vader : year one - him still struggling and still not fully committed to the darkside with it ending with Vader fully accepting his role now in the universe and becoming this unstoppable force for the empire
4. The Grey Jedi - something surrounding a lone grey jedi traveling and keeping the force in balance . Almost like a man with no name western

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