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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
That's an obvious theory.
I don't think the TF series has really overstepped it.

the shuttle walking on Armageddon was a nice catch though.
Spiderman getting those powers pretty much spits in that theories face lol.

Spider-Man is a perfect example of suspension of disbelief. It's a story where we accept that a man gains powers by being bitten by a radioactive spider (for the sake of the story). The comic/movie establishes why and how he gained these abilities and though they are outlandish, they still seem to be treated as though they are within the realm of possibility. That's the key. From that point on, as long as his abilities are treated consistently and abide by the rules they have constructed within the world that has been created for the comic/movie, we as an audience have no problem accepting it.

The problem starts when there is inconsistent or poor storytelling. Someone might act totally out of character or a plot point might be totally nonsensical, but this is not an excuse for suspension of disbelief. The excuse I hear most often is: "It's a movie about a guy who crawls on walls/robots from space/a guy from krypton, how much realism do you expect?"

The problem with this is that when the writer/film maker oversteps the boundaries of absurdity and outlandishness past what they had established, the audience will disengage and take notice of this.

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