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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Sorry, should have read "can't be technologically and historically accurate and entertaining"

You asked what the point was of shoehorning in a historical event into a revisionist plot. I implied that it adds relevance to the story and pointed to xmen and watchmen. I not questioning weather people do or don't have problems with them(i'm sure they do).
Watchmen was an alternate reality completely and still tried to remain somewhat "realistic" Trust me, the movie (and the comic) had its fair-share of plot holes (Dr Manhattan's creation for one).

I didn't ask why use a historical event, I asked why change it drastically for no real reason? And change to something that couldn't have possibly happened?
If they had told us "Hey, a spaceship crash landed on the moon and we went to investigate" I could buy that. If they added "Landed in a deep crater and is covered by moon rock and debris, making it barely visible by use of telescope" I could believe that.

Saying "It landed on the dark side of the moon, all you know about orbital mechanics, communications with the Apollo mission, etc etc means jack ****" I don't buy it.

How is it a twist? because it changes the story of the moon landing...if that's what your asking.

I'm sure they could have made it a cave, they probably would have had to deal with cries of why no one had seen it for all this time(even with a kids telescope) guess an alien ship sitting just on the other side of our moon was just too appealing (to bay) to pass up. I they just figured their audience wouldn't harp on the logistics. Personally I wouldn't have enjoyed the film any more or less and it probably shows in the revenue.
Exactly, so why not do something that makes...sense?

Hey, that's understandable.
You've gotta know that probably did put in about 15mins into solving a bunch of problems that you probably aren't complaining about now though. To suggest that these people don't put any THOUGHT into their work is somewhat obtuse to say the least.
I'm sure they do think it through, but how much of their work is then changed by producers and directors? And is it really hard to make things consistent from movie to movie, or hell at least throughout ONE movie?

There's glaring inconsistencies in each of these movies (RotF being the worst). Do they just not care, or are we just that good at pointing them out?

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