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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
You can think of it as trolling because you don't agree with me but I don't think I troll. I'm very serious with my posts and I actually raised very good points and this issue is very important to me because its about the future of this franchise. And its not like I just copied and pasted the things I've been saying about this certain subject. And I don't try to piss people off, because if I was, I would be posting that same emoticon that most of you are using as a reply to my posts and I also don't insult people here or give them names when they disagreed with me.
I'm not calling you a troll because I disagree with your opinion. It's because of the spamming. People are not even arguing against your opinion about spinn offs. That's why you keep seeing everytime you mention the subject. It's been done over an over so its pointless. You don't seem to understand what that means.

If you think your not posting the same thing over and over your flat out wrong. You do this in every thread, won't stop and just repeat yourself even when someone is not replying to you. Enough people have complained. It's not your opinion thats the problem it's the spamming. Thats why your getting close to troll territory.

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