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Default Re: Connecting Legion to the XCU

Noah Hawley talks Xavier

Recently, Noah Hawley spoke to sites such as CBR about the upcoming season finale of Legion. It was there the producer was asked if the show’s next steps were to give Haller answers about his father’s identity. Hawley agreed with the deduction, but he did admit Xavier’s addition would require a lot work.

“I think that’s something we’re definitely going to approach,” Hawley said about Xavier’s inclusion. “It’s a creative conversation, but it’s also a sort of corporate conversation, you know, on some level, in terms of the movie studio and their relationship to the X-Men and the characters they want in the movies and want to protect potentially.”

“Were we to want to have Professor X on the show, or even Patrick Stewart on the show, James McAvoy or one of those actors, is a conversation both with the actor and with the studio. So, I don’t know, I haven’t really dived into that quandary yet, but certainly I need to start thinking about it.”

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