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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

definetly, I have no doubt about it. With Jennifer getting bigger day after day and Fassbender too, but a bit slower, Fox wont let this cast die, thats for sure.

About Deadpool..... I always thought Fox wasnt that confident in more spin-offs, at least until last year or so. But if Millar is really creating a plan with Fox, I think its one of the strongest contenders.

I dont see a Cable movie right now. Specially before another FC sequel or X4.

Fox should be really careful with their very next spin-off, because Wolverine is their "biggest x-men", but his movies dont seem to have that huge worldwide appeal like heroes like Ironman, Batman, and maybe even Thor (lets see how the sequel works on November tho).

So... taking all of this into account, each day Im more confident that Fox will end doing another team movie with a good part of original cast sooner rather than later.

Days of future past will be the test. If the movie kills the boxoffice much better than X3, we can be sure bigger things will come after it.

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