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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

If anything, it was NOT Brandon Routh's fault that SR didn't work. He actually did a pretty good job with what he was given. (sidenote. Every one was so anxious to see Spacey as Lex Luthor back in the days. Just revisited SR yesterday. It sure as hell has its good things - But Kevin Spacey is so damn boring in the role!). Anyway. Routh was sadly enough just directed pretty poor by Singer. And he didn't get to have that much character because of the way the script was written and such. But Brandon still had the look, the voice, and the presence to have earned wearing the cape. Brandon was NOT the problem.

I really liked Routh, and in the beginning I couldn't understand why the heck they would spend time on searching the world for yet another new superman, when Routh was so great for the part... But the more I thought about it, the more I could understand the decision for it. If I recall correctly, didn't Routh actually meet up with Nolan and Snyder at one point? Anyways, they're rebooting the man of steel for an all new generation. A franchise that'll have absolutely nothing to do with that of SR, which also had connections to the Reeve films. It's an all new beginning. Because of that and because of the fact that it would've been confusing for many, had Routh still played superman in Snyders MOS, than I could more and more understand the decision to recast yet again... I'll be honest. I wasn't all to sure about Henry to begin with. Than again, I didn't know about him either, so I had to keep a certain amount of neutrality about the fella. But I instantly thought that Routh LOKKED like a much better Superman, when first comparing Cavill to him. Again, I was very stuck on the whole Christopher Reeve feel, and like many, I had to be shaken out of that. I needed to understand that everything has a time where it/we must move on. And this is the time for superman!

The more I saw of Cavill, the more I warmed up to him. For every new pic. For every interview, and namely after seeing him and hearing him speak at Comic-con, I began to be won over in major ways. And now, after the arrival of the new trailer, I'm pretty floored by him! He's different and he's suppose to be. I honestly believe that Henry Cavill will do for superman, what Daniel Craig has done for Bond! This will be a superman with an edge. With some roughness, more character and with much more dimensionality and depth. I really can't wait to see this movie in its entirely. NEVER been so stoked for a flick before. That's the God's honest truth!

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