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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show? - Part 1

Nicholas Brendan is like, the LAST Whedon alum I would ever want to see on this show.

Head would be cool though, but he's a pretty busy guy, along with Alan Tudyk. I still say Acker and Gjokaj are the best people Joss has had on his shows who deserve better roles.

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
I could see him appearing. He already had a cameo in the Avengers as an NYPD cop. Whether he'd still be playing the same part or in the role of a SHIELD agent is another matter. It would be better if they made him that cop and added some story to him - maybe he gets hold of an item (like the Item 47 short) and something happens to him that turns him into a potential threat. Then whenever people watch Avengers again, he won't be just a random character (even though he was at the time).
I'd be cool with that. Or have him be a new recruit that SHIELD picked up in the aftermath of the battle or something. But I do like the idea of him coming on as the same character he played in Avengers, whoever he'd turn out to be.


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