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Default Re: How do you think Heath Ledger will do as Joker?

If he stays true to what he said about the "Clockwork Orange" comment then he will topple Nicholson's reign as the Joker, but if he cannot do that then I'm afraid he'll underperform as the Joker.

He's got BIG shoes to fill whether people now like Burton's "Batman" anymore or not but he'll be being compared to Jack's Joker all through now till the movie comes out and after it comes out.

You still got the haters who wanted Bettany or Hulme or some other actor, you still got the doubters (me for instance), and you still got the old-fans who liked Nicholson, and the Nolan fans who just don't give a **** and we'll trust Nolan till the end and perhaps even taken a bullet for him.

In the end Ledger has got to sell it and I guess we'll find out by the first trailer if he does or not.

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