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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

I adore the Returns score. It's my favorite film score of all time. Some of the soulful, sweeping, dark tracks I have listened to over and over and over. I loved getting the new version of the soundtrack from Lalaland records this past christmas (and I love returns releases around christmas with the motif and all) and getting access to the alternate versions of the tracks. I particularly am fond of the new Birth of a Penguin/Main Title (gave me chills) and Umbrella Source Music/War! (The Final Confrontation) as well as the Finale part 1 (Penguin's Death). Those tracks are just amazing.

From the 89 score I love of course Descent into Mystery (you know it's a classic track when Six Flags only plays 2 and one of them is the Batman theme and the other is Descent into Mystery), Shootout (aka First Confrontation) and even some of the lesser known little jingles and "b" tracks from the extended soundtrack such as Joker's Commercial and the alternate main titles (one of which ends in a "hummed" version of Flowers/beautiful dreamer which is very creepy.

Absolutely fantastic scores.

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