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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Saint View Post
Indeed. I feel the inevitable fist fight (again, this is Snyder we're talking about) can only end with one of them looking like a chump. Batman losing is actually the decidedly worse outcome though, especially if this is to eventually roll into a Justice League film--if you make Batman look like he can't compete, then he'll look like he can't compete. If he tries to fight Superman and gets smacked around, what business does he have in a Justice League picture?

No, the only feasible way to play it is to write Batman as being too smart to fight Superman with his fists.
Not winning and not competing are two COMPLETELY different things.

Montoya lost, but he held his own for much of the fight. And he was certainly a bit of a competition for the masked man, especially with his right hand Batman need not win just to prove that he's a formidable fighter.

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