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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Well then has been my point this past week or so. This movie had the potential to be bigger and even better than The Avengers, but Marvel just seem to have settled for an 'entertaining' and 'fun' movie. This disappoints me as it is all we seem to get from Marvel these days with The Avengers being the exception (though that movie didnt have enough substance for me either).

I want them to start pushing the boat out and do something different from their usual schtick and Thor 2 just seems more of that. After seeing TWS trailer however, I may be getting what I want as that looks something truly different from Marvel and all the better for it.

Being a bigger Iron Man and Thor fan than a Cap one though I was hoping those movies would be the ones to finally give us something different and with more substance than the previous MCU efforts but IM3 was the same old MCU stuff and Thor 2 seems so as well.

I guess I'll just have to wait until next year to get something truly different from Marvel Studio's. TWS does look sublime though, and more like a Bourne movie with super-heroes in rather than the usual super-hero fare.
I don't really agree with your assessment of the Marvel movies. To me TIH is clearly the movie that differs the most from the others. The Avengers doesn't separate itself that much imo, the main difference is the ensemble in my view.

As for the TWS trailer I thought it looked great as well, but I mainly see the new part being that they get into yet another genre. Other than that it felt like Marvel to me.

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