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Default Re: Scarlett Johansson is the Black Widow

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Since when is Rogue russian?

In A:EMH, Black Widow speaks sometimes with a Russian accent and other times with a cover accent. I want Scarlett to do the same. I also want her to use the name Natasha Romanoff or Natalia Romanova, and not Natalie Rushman.
Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
Why? I've never seen a comic panel with her where the writers have her speaking with an accent like Colossus or Rogue.
Reminds me of before Spider-Man 2 when people wanted Alfred Molina's Otto Octavius to have a German accent because Marvel had give him one in the cartoons.

My two-penny's is that I've no problem with the American accent. It makes sense to me.

Being that Russia's her country of origin, of course Natasha was naturally going to have a Russian accent, but as stated before, one could argue that to be a successful spy she's had to make considerable effort to get rid of every trace of that accent. I see two possible outcomes from this; either a) she still has her Russian accent but is easily able to hide it or b) she has hidden it so much over the years that her accent has actually changed to the point that her natural accent is now an American one (which does happen).

In any case, if for all these years she's had an American accent in the comics, isnt it more a case of anyone who thinks she has a Russian accent simply reading 'Russian Spy' and just assuming that she must have a Russian accent?

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