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Default Re: Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman! NEW!

Originally Posted by Superman View Post
Well I've had mine for about two months now and no oil from the waist. I'm thinking it was a problem with the first batch that came out but I think HT has fixed the problem.

Anyway, It's two months + in and I still can't look at my Reeve Superman and Keaton Batman enough. These things are a must have for any DC fan.
That claim was way overblown by a few collectors who had the problem with the original Batman Begins figures from when BB was first released, I'm not even sure that was a complaint about Hot Toys figures specifically, Medicom and Takara both had versions out at the same time. Regardless of whether it was Hot Toys or not, this was an issue ( and a very minor one at that) from, what, 17 years ago?

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