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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Surtur being summoned by Malekith through a portal would kick all kinds of @$$. However, I don't see Thor as being strong enough to tackle Surtur himself (Surtur, I believe is on a power tier level with the All Fathers), so unless Odin is involved in the battle, the plot then becomes about Thor closing the portal before Surtur can enter Midguard. Which to many audience members might come off as a replay of the Avengers climax of closing the portal from the Chitari forces. That is the only thing that concerns me, other then that it's looking epic. Also, just wanted to say that when I saw the second video marvel_freshman was kind enough to post, that I at first thought Malekith was in his red costume and I nearly freaked out, but then I realized it was just some sort of light filter. Perhaps the red light is a nod to those die hard fans that were hoping for a more comic accurate costume. Although, I would have to say in all reality most of the comments I have heard about Malekith's movie look seem overwhelmingly positive.


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