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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Taking a more conservative route than I did before

Cinematic Releases
2015 - Avengers 2, Planet Hulk
2016 - Cap 3, Dr. Strange
2017 - Black Panther, Thor 3, Captain Marvel
2018 - IM4/War Machine , Avengers 3

Television Shows
SHIELD - continues
Daredevil - Begins

Live Action Shorts (5-15 mins long, released on cinematic releases' DVDs to boost sales)
Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Heroes for Hire, She-Hulk, Black Widow & Hawkeye (maybe a short film trilogy?), Wonder Man, The Sentry (yeah, I said it!), Cloak and Dagger, Photon, Moondgraon

Someone mentioned directors, I'd want Bay for Planet Hulk, F. Gary Gray for Cap 3, Del Toro for Dr. Strange, Antione Fuqua for Black Panther, ??? for Thor 3, Patty Jenkins for Captain Marvel, Jon Favreau for Iron Man 4 and of course, Whedon for Avengers 3.
McG as showrunner for Daredevil.

X-Men TV Show Ideas
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