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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
The main guy I would like to see get involved is Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I Robot). I think he's got a great style and I think he'd be a potential good fit for a number of films.. Captain America, Hulk, Daredevil, Punisher, Black Panther or perhaps even Dr. Strange or Namor.

Stephen Norrington is another one... Ok, his LXG wasn't fantastic but it was ok and his work on the first Blade film was good. Do Marvel have the rights to Blade back yet? Perhaps they could get him back to reboot that or do Midnight Sons, if they can get Ghost Rider back too.. Perhaps Inhumans?

After seeing Dredd, Pete Travis is a name that comes to mind. I heard his Vantage Point wasn't that great but I thought Dredd was pretty awesome. Perhaps he would only be suited to something like Punisher though..

Someone for Heroes for Hire... Just spitballing here but possibly someone like John Singleton (I know he was supposedly attached to Luke Cage for ages), Paul McGuigan, Michael Davis , Joe Cornish or Pete Travis..

Wow!!! Godbless you man, I never thought I would see someone say that.

1st I always thought Proyas was good for Batman... The crow ,, dark city.. I think he could have brought allot to Batman. Proyas is cool

2nd Blade1 is my fav of the marvel charater movies... Why could not Norrington continue???

Anyways I agree sir.. Nice Picks

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