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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by Venom'sDad View Post
Thor is suppose to be a God...that's understandable. An African nation with the worlds top resources and one is suspending imagination on that one. Come on...don't act like you don't understand what i'm referring. Let's be real & honest.
There's a huge difference between saying you believe audiences won't suspend disbelief for a BP movie (which is quite possibly true and...pathetic) and saying a BP movie is too unrealistic because of his tech and resources. No superhero movie is realistic. Interdimensional weather gods and talking space trees and space racoons are not more realistic than an African nation with tech and resources.

"We're living in a world where we're having our rights taken away by giant corporations, and [fanboys] were cheering for another corporation to eventually take our rights away...because we'll get superhero movies!" --writer Brandon Easton on the Disney/Fox merger
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