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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 47

I'm no expert....but here's my ideas....

Originally Posted by xxGambitxx View Post

Shouldn't Wolverine have been in Vietnam with Stryker when his consciousness was sent back in time?
The American involvement in Nam lasted around 10 the top of my head I can't remember what year the movie where Wolvie met Stryker in Nam was set. So '73 could have been several years after that.

Originally Posted by xxGambitxx View Post
Xavier being alive doesn't make sense and even if you think they wanted to act like The Last stand didn't happen you couldn't since in Wolverines mind younger Charles watched his painful memory of killing Jean/Phoenix
After the end credits of THE LAST STAND there was a scene where it showed Xavier had put his consciesness into another body. It's possible that he had plastic surgery to look like his original body.

Originally Posted by xxGambitxx View Post
Silver Surfer was awesome, wish there was more of him.
Don't remember him in the movie...what part?

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