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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 47

Originally Posted by guitarsingerguy View Post
Let's be honest...getting any higher caliber actor to commit to the same role 3 times is a feat in and of itself. I hate recasting as much as the next person, but these folks want to do things BESIDES just be X-Men. I know that's hard for some of us to believe, but not everyone is gonna commit like Jackman has, and that's their right. These actors want to be challenged in new and exciting ways. It's just like Anthony Hopkins being reluctant about playing Lecter for a third time. He wasn't sure there was much else he could bring that hadn't already been presented. We tend to take for granted that these are actual people who may want to do different things.
And with Lawrence, I just find it silly that people are getting up in arms about her possibly not wanting to come back after Apocalypse or that she's not doing as much promotion for the films. Take a step back and look at her position. She is probably THE most in demand actor, male or female, in Hollywood right now. She has two franchises, one of which she is the face of, going on simultaneously right now. Add in all the various press and interviews for anything else she has going on, appearances on talk shows and such, girl probably has very little time to herself anymore. There's probably very few days anymore that she's not exhausted by the end of it. Also add in all the various pressures from the paparazzi and Hollywood in general that most women face, it's hard to not begrudge her for wanting to step away from some of the more high pressure stuff.

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