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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
That's a very interesting story cherokeesam and they even got the quote from my question to Shane Black from the press conference in there. This quote was sort of confusing though:

OK so . . . I'm taking this as executive producer of IRON MAN 3 and head of China's DMG is saying the "reports out there are not true" meaning that the reports of them shooting half the movie in China are not true and Shane Black is shooting in the US and he will not be shooting in China? So it seems the head of DMG and executive producer of the movie is both aware and OK with this? Not sure it's just so very weird.

Just seems odd that they made this big announcement of it being a Chinese co-production and Shane Black and Feige are basically like "we are just doing some second unit plates there, that's it."


OK now to be clear the original reports I read on the announcement didn't indicate that would be be bringing the main cast to shoot there only that Disney entered in a co-production deal with DMG and DMG had the rights to distribute the movie in China and also supervise the Chinese production elements. But it didn't say how much they were investing into the movie.
In that report, it still lists the Mandarin as an evil Chinese-British villain. Is that actually the case in the movie or has his background been changed? Also, it says that China may have to excise certain problematic Chinese elements such as in Men in Black 3 where a chinese restaurant was removed (don't know why that's problematic). If they do that with IM3 and remove the Mandarin completely, the entire plot would fall apart.

I wonder how they watch movies like Dr No? Is the whole of the ending missing for them? Maybe after Bond gets caught in the swamp with Ursula Andress and that dragon tank comes along, the movie ends?

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