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Default Re: Do you LIKE or DISLIKE the fact that Nolan's Batman isn't a genius?

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
Yeah his detective stuff was mainly shown in TDK some examples being -
- Scanning radioactive bills
- Watching Harvey Dent
- The bullet/fingerprint stuff
- Developing Fox's sonar to find The Joker

but that is pretty much it. I don't think there is one detective moment in TDKR other than when he identifies Selina.
Detective work in BEGINS seperating the few police and politicians he could trust from the rest.

Going undercover spying on Rachel.

In TDK investigating and in a line of dialogue insinuating he knows and can identitfy virtually the entire GPD roster.

"Brian ... Richards, and some patrol man I don't know"

Researching and finding the caliber bullet used in order to replicate and scan finger print.

In RISES finding out the "Cat" burglar's identity, and knowning extensive ways of getting finger print pulls.

All of that is detective work.

I don't know what people expect to see when they refer to this aspect of Batman's arsenal.

Do they merely think detective work is Batman with a beaker and flass testing chemical compounds for an hour and a half to be labeled as detective work?

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