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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: It's 2013! Get ready for 2016 announcements!

Originally Posted by MarvelDCguy View Post
Are people still doing this?
Well, you are! So yes.

I don't have some grand vision for Phase 3 and beyond the way some of you guys do, though I do want to see Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Namor, and Ms. Marvel movies come to fruition at some point in the future, if only for the idea that Marvel should continue to be that ballsy and confident in incorporating their "more-difficult-to-adapt" characters into the MCU.

Now that Ant-Man has been scheduled for November 2015, what I am thinking about specifically is what we'll see directly afterwards in 2016. It's exciting to think that at two (or more) points in time this year--one of which will most likely be in July at SDCC--we could be getting announcements for the two (or more) movies that Marvel will be releasing in 2016!

I would love for the first 2016 movie to be a Hulk sequel (I like the idea of Mark Ruffalo is getting older. If they intend to use him effectively, a Hulk sequel should come sooner rather than later. Plus, there will have been TEN MCU movies between it and TIH! We need us some more Hulk!

For the second movie, I would love to see a new franchise like Black Panther or Doctor Strange, but I could see them going with Cap 3. They would be pulling a Thor (3 movies in 3 consecutive years), but releasing Cap 3 in November 2016 would be about the same spacing as Thor, Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World. Plus, it is both an election year and an Olympics year... so go USA!

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