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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
really i have always felt snyder has directed his actors well imo it is one of his most underrated traits

butler gave a very good performance as Leonidas and it was a role they got him in leading man roles

jeh was great as Rorschach

crudup as manhattan is imo one of the most underrated comic book performances of all time he doesn't get enough credit for bringing to life one of the hardest characters to act

hell even oscar isaacs was great in his villain role in sp which was a terrible film

only bad performances were by actors who weren't really good which has been mostly females like malin ackerman and majority of sucker punch cast besides abbie cornish
I don't think it's that the performances were bad... but I think they shine a lot better for monologues and speeches. When dialogue comes in, it gets weaker, and sometimes plain old forgettable. That's why the females (who he usually has in dialogue) don't shine.

So Amy Adams has her work cut out for her, like Cornish, she kinda has to take the lead in making the dialogue scenes pop. Fortunately, she also has some solo moments, so I suspect that her job won't be that much harder overall... and she's kind of a good actress, y'know?

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