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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Season 8 was the 2nd worse after season 10. Chloe wore at her welcome in season 8. She was the worse part of Season nine. It is truly ridiculous seeing where she started from to were she ended up. In high school, they kind of tried to make it reasonable, by having her have friends/connections in certain places to get information. Then she all of a sudden become a expert hacker. Then she could create an untraceable backstory/passport/legal documents/etc. for Kara, that can fool Lex. Then hack into the government and their satellites to track Brainiac. Her Watchtower role is even more ridiculous, then her "scheme" to get Oliver on the "right" track, then making a big player like Rick Flag into a stooge. But this is not that shocking, after seeing Lana's journey on this show. I never liked the Lana character, but looking back at all 10 seasons, it is clear Chloe was the worse character.

I kind of went on a rant there, but the point I think i was trying to make is that Doomsday/Davis was horrible, and Chloe was a big part of that.

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