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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
I enjoyed Infamous. Turbulence was good too. Injustice on the other hand not so much.
Here is my breakdown of post Lana episodes in S8

Infamous - the Chloe/Davis stuff wasn't bad(as it gets in later episodes), but I could have lived without it. I didn't care for the A-plot of Clark telling Lois, then having to reverse time(it just felt like a cheap way to see how Lois reacts not thinking what a fool Clark looks like for not realizing that crap will go to poop if he reveals himself, even after Chloe basically pointed it out to him). If the episode had a better A-plot then I could have lived with the b-plot, but the b-plot didn't add anything positive to the episode.

Turbulence - Liked(but not loved) the Clark/Tess stuff but it felt like that was the secondary storyline. The Chloe/Davis/Jimmy stuff was terrible

Hex - fun episode with no mention of Davis. One of my favorites of the series to be honest

Eternal - boring for the most part and the retcons(trying to work Davis into the Storyline of Clark coming to Earth) were ridiculous

Stiletto - I liked the A-plot, the Chloe(and offscreen Davis) plot wasn't that good though, fact it was relegated to a small portion of the episode though didn't bother me much

Beast - hated the storyline, Clark I believed had like 12 minutes of screentime as we watch the Chloe and Davis show. Chloe running away with Davis was idiotic. The reason I rate this the worst episode of the season is if I break it down minute by minute there wasn't one minute of the episode I found entertaining(at least in the cases of Power or Requiem, while parts of those episodes were worse then stuff in Beast, I could at least pull like 3-5 minutes worth of entertaining stuff from each episode)

Injustice - watchable, but it felt like the Injustice league could have been used a better way. There is parts in the episode that are entertaining but it gets dragged down being tied to Chloe and Davis.

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