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Default Re: Underrated Films: Your Opinion

I wish I could say I find TOP SECRET funny from start to finish, but I just don't. There are some great gags in there, but.... It's no AIRPLANE/AIRPLANE II or NAKED GUN.

Here is one of my all time favorites and I would not be averse to a new version being filmed. LADYHAWKE. Great costuming and production design. Hauer, Broderick, Leo M. and a Michelle at her most stunning. Plus Doc Ock is in it too. I could see how the score might turn some people off today, but I liked it. And the fight between Nevah and the Captain of the guard at the end is just great. Real down and dirty. I don't see it mentioned too often when people's favorite fantasy films come up, but I think it's a cut above a lot of the other 80's sword and sorcery films.

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