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Default Re: Underrated Films: Your Opinion

Do you people know what underrated is, lol ? Not to sound like a dick but these movies are ones that are either considered classics or have been well received by critics that people are listing as underrated:

Batman Begins, Glenn Gary Glenn Ross, O Brothers Where Art Thou, Predator, Donnie Brasco, Falling Down, Pi, Letters From Iwo Jima, Paths of Glory, Natural Born Killers, The Exorcist, Kill Bill, Rocky Balboa, Sweeney Todd, Munich, Rope, Big Fish, Ed Wood, Moulan Rouge, Big Trouble In Little China, Hellboy 1&2, Unbreakable, Road to Perdition, A Simple Plan, The Crow, Dark City, Blade Runner, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Tron, The Iron Giant, Creepshow, True Romance, Blow Out,Tropic Thunder, Drag Me To Hell, Trick r' Treat, Fight Club, Highlander....

Again, all these are either considered classics or cult classics by critics/audiences or just well reviewed or have caught on like wildfire after a lackluster first appearance. Hell, a few of them are considered some of the best movies ever. That doesn't really make them underrated if you ask me. To me an underrated movie is a movie that was not well received by critics and audiences but you liked anyway.

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