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Default Re: Nell2ThaIzzay's "Last Stand"

Originally Posted by The Batman
I'm Sorry...but you'd probably just say i'm just a singer fan. It cant be cause i judged the movie on its own merits
I've no idea if you are a Singer fan, unless you directly admit to it and claim membership of the DoSV !!!

If you disliked the movie, so be it. I disliked elements of it too. When people say what they disliked, then others such as myself might well offer their views, alternative interpretations etc...

If I'm wrongly accused of being a 'loyalist', which I am not, then I am bound to respond to that too. I have no allegiance to Fox, Warner, Ratner, Singer, Jackman or Rothman. I've stuck up for Halle, because some unwarranted things have been said (calling her a diseased whore and the like). My only 'allegiance' is to the X-Men comics I've read for 30 years and an enthusiasm for seeing how the stories are reimagined in the cartoons and movies.

Perhaps I shouldn't bother to post here. I use an enormous amount of time and energy discussing these movies, i sometimes wonder if it's justified by what I have to put up with on here at times!!!

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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