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Default Re: Nell2ThaIzzay's "Last Stand"

Originally Posted by ntcrawler
The latter seems to apply especially to some Wolverine fans, who insist that the movies are supposed to be a fresh look on things, therefore the comics, past stories, TAS do not apply in regards to character development or relationships. I just find it interesting that people are able to insert and remove these background stories and material at will to suit their arguments. Some of the Wolverine fans I've debated with use Wolverine's comic backgrounds as an argument to show how much more intersesting he is than Cyclops and how much more complex and wonderful his background is, but when I try to do the same with regards to Cyke and Jean's relationship, I'm told repeatedly that because we're dealing with the movies, the comic and TAS background information and char histories do not apply, even if they do not contradict but support what we see in the movies.
No, ntcrawler, that's not what was happening--not from me. I've said repeatedly that I had not read the comics and did not watch the animated series until after I'd seen X1. My defense of Wolverine's prominent screen time in the movies, and why I think audiences (myself include) connected with the character more than they did with Cyclops, is based solely on what we know from the movies and ocassional deleted scene.

You keep bringing in things about the characters from the comics to balance out who they are, stuff that was never seen or spoken about in the movies. There's nothing wrong with that view--you're much more well-versed in the comics than I'll ever be, and you articulate that view very well.

But when we're talking about the movie, some things are definite to people unfamiliar with the comics. No one ever said Jean was Cyclops' fiance (unless you hunt for a ring on her finger), no one explained his background, or that his optic blasts could blast holes through mountains. And he was barely in X2.

Wolverine had more of a background explained in the movies. He had a thing for Jean in the movie--and yes, it's OK for people who haven't read the comics to think Jean had a thing for him and not think she's being out of character. It's just the way it was presented.

I admire your passion for the characters, and I'm impressed by your knowledge of the comics history. But even with the catching up I've done on the comics and the cartoon since seeing X1, I'm still going to see the movies I see them...and how I enjoy them. And that doesn't make me a clueless Wolverine fan.

With X-Men existing in so many mediums, it's totally open to interpretation.

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