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Default Re: Nell2ThaIzzay's "Last Stand"

Originally Posted by LastSunrise1981
No, because Nell is actually intelligent, knows the comics, and knows quite a bit about storytelling himself. So I respect his views and respect that he enjoys the movie.

He, unlike quite a few people here, doesn't insult people who disliked the movie or call them "whiney fanboys" because of their disgust on how they deviated from the comics.

I don't hate X3 like I hate Catwoman, Doom, Elizabethtown, or even Batman and Robin. I give X3 some credit for being watchable, but I'll never give it credit that it doesn't deserve.

I already explained why I didn't truly care for it. And that's the end of it.
You should respect everyone's opinions.

I liked X3. I'm a huge comic-book fan (I know most storylines and/or have read the comics produced well before my time). I think I know enough about story telling, too.

These ridiculous assumptions disgust me. You, time after time, insist that people who like that movie (unless they provide enought proof/reason for you) don't know **** about the comics or story telling. You think we're not intelligent. You are wrong. You know who looks stupid in all of this? You. Making these judgments which form out of nothing and aren't based on squat really makes me question your intelligence.

I think it's great you dislike this movie. I love that people can have their own opinions... being individual and original when it comes to how you feel is great. You don't like the movie? That's totally cool with me. I've never once called you a "whiney fanboy." Because I'm a whiney fanboy, believe it or not. Why can't you accept that people can be huge fans of the comics and still really enjoy this movie? Or that people can know good story telling and still really enjoy this movie? Intelligence, of all things, has nothing to do whether you enjoy a film. I'm sure you've never watched an over-the-top comedy or graphic horror flick has entertained you, have you? Exactly.

And then when people get pissed off at you for making these stupid accusations, you turn the whole thing around and call yourself victim. Why? Because you have no reason to treat people like you do, so you come up with some 5th grade excuse. I say, get over it. Stop acting like you are so incredibly open-minded, when you're really the opposite.

I have my reasons as to why I really did enjoy X3:TLS. But I honestly don't think they matter, and I know for sure I have nothing to prove to you. Just like you don't have to prove to me why you dislike it. I don't care why you don't, and you shouldn't care why I do. Just accept it and respect everyone who enjoyed this film as you do those who didn't; As intelligent, X-Men fans. Because, despite what you think, that's exactly what we are.

This post was premedicated.
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