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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
yes lol. But my point is once again missed. I am not saying you or her is wrong, as for my comment for "how long someone may be into it, with the source material stuff", you misunderstood my point as well. I didn't explain it. My point was simply that the perspective from a long time comic book fan is totally different. And you got to understand that like music, and any type of pop culture media, things DO change, yes I know, but the originality always has an influence. Essentially, Loki won't be getting a revamp, aspects of his 616 will still be there.
I don't think I missed it though. I think we're simply talking past each other here. I keep quoting you but I'm not just addressing you here, so don't feel like I'm singling you out.

And as for where Loki's character comes from... Well, let's just say I'm Swedish. This playes a significant role in how I look at any characterisation that has borrowed Norse gods (and this is about all the characters, not just Loki). I cannot free myself entirely from a cultural influence that has been part of me 42+ years. I have been comparing the original myth to the comics since I was a kid, and I always will, because the Norse myth got to me first (thanks mum, dad, school, the list goes on). My husband, who loves X-Men, will not touch Thor for that reason alone.

The essence of characters as they have been won't change, that I know and that's not something I question (and they are all, more or less, in line with the original ones Marvel decided to borrow). I just want to say that because someone won't describe a character such as Loki as evil or crazy, that doesn't mean they are fangirl smooching Loki (nor are they necessarily calling Thor a villain when pointing out that he has done some thing that definitely aren't all that charming). Loki is a villain, but the question is why is he a villain. That may not interest everyone, but it piques my interest and that's why I came here - along with the fact that spoilers can be found here too. I'm also an academic, used to picking anything apart, analysing everything, question everything and I will not retort to simple explanations or use labels that has little value if you want an insight in someone's scenic brain, and that goes for Loki as well as for Thor.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
They had a moment like that in the Thor1 online script, when Loki and Thor are fighting in the observatory. For some reason, they didn't implement it. But maybe we'll see that in Thor2!
Hopefully, but that all depends on if it fits in the film. Time should allow for more of the things that explains these people though, and if we are to believe what some actors have said, there's a good chance we'll get just that. Yay for us!

On a side note, I hate this. I want to be spoiled.

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