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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by Idun View Post
I wouldn't mind Thor using his helmet a bit more actually, though from the pics we've got it seems he's not.

If Loki wears his it's probably during some of the outdoor scenes, and if it's during the Iceland ones, heat won't be much of a problem. Good lord, they dress up in shorts and Hawaiian shirts when it's 15 C/60F and call it summer. Says something about temperatures over there.
literally doesn't make sense doesn't it? Loki has worn his, and Thor's head gear is more notorious as part of his physical appearance than Loki is. If they can have loki pull it off, with these giant horns, then they can have thor pull it off with wings. It will work. I think it's more of a crown though.

Think about it. Thor wore it during his correnation. Odin had his on. Loki had his on. Loki put it on when he felt he desevers king. So maybe when thor is king, he will wear it in battle..

you know how he summons armor??? I think it could work like that

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