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Default Re: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: General Discussion & Speculation Thread - Part

Originally Posted by PrehistoricDog View Post

I asked in the other thread why did Kurt Russell morph into a present-day David Hasselhoff?

Peter Quill was taken during the 1980s around the time of Knight Rider. He doesn't know what the Hoff of 2017 looks like. Wouldn't he wonder why he's an old man now? Shouldn't he have morphed into the Hoff of the 80s with the bigger hair and who looks much younger?

Quill doesn't even know about Baywatch.

And Ego hasn't visited Earth since the 80s, presumably, since after the time Quill's mother died. He shouldn't know what the Hoff looks like today.

They could have used their de-aging technology to de-age Hasselhoff like they did for Kurt Russell.

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