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Default Re: Liberal Writers Killing Marvel Comics?

Originally Posted by Sithborg View Post
I understand why people want to focus on this one thing. But there are plenty of reasons why Marvel is hurting over DC.

The sheer glut of titles. Event overload. Double shipping. Marvel's ****** handling of TPB. The general shift to digital. Hell, even Marvel unlimited for those with patience.

Blaming Marvels issues purely on politics is merely a way to give the certain regressive segments of geekdom more power than they have. I mean a lot of the arguments boil down to "I was represented, but now I'm not anymore". If politics was such a deciding factor, Hollywood should've self destructed LONG ago. Seriously, one merely needs to look back at the 90's to see that Marvel's business practices may be killing themselves again.

I'm not saying what Marvel has done isn't an issue. Sudden legacy characters can not work out. But if you look at how things like Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, and Silk have worked out, can you really blame them for encouraging it?

All valid points. It isn't just one thing that's contributing, but I'd say the political angle and the handling of legacy characters has brought these issues to the forefront. It's a poorly managed operation and something needs to change very soon. The glut of titles would be resolved by a complete reboot and some fresh blood would help as well. And unabashed, heavy-handed & artless political pandering should take a back seat to good storytelling and not f-ing with beloved legacy characters that brought you to the dance.

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