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Default Re: Liberal Writers Killing Marvel Comics?

Originally Posted by JewishHobbit View Post
Asking the same question... what had Obama done when he got the Amazing Spider-Man treatment?

And Trump's done plenty, but one thing that comes to mind was that he was a person who ran against two established parties and pulled out the miraculous win. He's an example that the underdog can really achieve great things if they put the work into it. Surely there's somewhere in comics that can use that to encourage some disenfranchised character to reach for his dreams.
Became the first black President. It was kind of a big deal.

He didn't run against the Republicans. Also have you seen any of his policies? You think shutting down Meals on Wheels is inspiring? Destroying environment protection is inspiring? Dumping sewage into water is inspiring? The Wall and its cost is inspiring? Besty Devos is inspiring? Tax breaks for the rich are inspiring? Lying constantly is inspiring?

Trump is proof people will buy BS.

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