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Default Re: Liberal Writers Killing Marvel Comics?

Originally Posted by JewishHobbit View Post
Who has anything against minorities?
There is a very, very ugly side of geekdom. You see it in things like gamergate or the sad/toxic puppies campaigns. The various "backlash" the new Star Wars gets.

I do wonder how much of it is just execution. I read a review about the new America comic, and that it was too much for even a self avowed SJW. Like I said, I don't stray too much out of the X-books, whose liberal bias is sort of baked into their dna.

It is also likely a side effect of them diversifying their talent pool. Which I don't think is a bad thing. And while the execution probably needs some work on a few of these new characters, I have seen too many accounts of people just being thrilled to be represented to be against the attempts.

And once again, I maintain that this is a very small part of the problem. Marvel is essentially running into another crash.

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