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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

I would personally place The Dark Knight Returns 1 + 2 over any film of Batman so far.

Originally Posted by Kane52630 View Post
Mine always changes because I love all of them to the highest degree, but my number 1 still remains:

1. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
2. Batman Begins
3. Batman & Robin

3. Batman Returns
4. The Dark Knight
5. The Dark Knight Rises
6. Batman 1966
7. Batman 1989
8. Batman Forever
Question time. What reboot would you want to see? Something more serious as BB, or something that feels more comic-booky like B&R since both of those films are in your top three?

I do love how you're a massive fan of B&R. I'll say this about B&R though...I can sit down and watch it as it, and even Batman Forever, feel so much different than the first two films from Burton that's it's not even an issue. Films like S-M 3 or X-Men 3, though, they tried to feel just like their previous two films but they can't handle a candle and that's why they're not viewable, imo.

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