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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 5

If they plan to continue with James McAvoy and sequels to First Class (rather than going back to the original trilogy), at some point McAvoy Xavier is going to HAVE to go bald. They can't have him with a full head of hair for this film series. The bald head is his trademark look apart from the wheelchair. If he had neither, then he can be a telepath, but he might seem like a different character.

I honestly don't think they ever envisioned Stewart and McAvoy being in the same movie, much less the same frame though. With First Class, they probably thought they were done with the original cast, so they didn't cast someone who looked like Stewart. Would've probably been better if Fassbender was cast as Professor X and McAvoy as Magneto. But then, would those actors have fitted the characters we saw in FC?

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