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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by Boom
I guess I just have a hard time accepting the idea of Batman as a sexually-active individual. So to see him engage in sex is weird for me.
Apparently Batman and Catwoman talk dirty during sex. "Filthy" is how its described. I can easily imagine Catwoman doing that, but Batman? Lol, not really. I might be ignorant on that though. Everytime I try to imagine what Batman would say, there's always a "bat" involed: Bat-cock, Bat-balls, Bat-nipple, etc...
Theyre also into the rough stuff too. Probably some choking and slapping and hair pulling going on.

Actually i take back my opinion that Batman wouldnt talk dirty during sex. Never thought about it until now but considering what he does on a nightly basis, the violence and all that anger inside would "influence" how he has sex. Especially semi anonymous sex with a chick who's just as into it as he is.

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