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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
See, this is where things get tricky.

I don't so much mind the idea of "Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne" having sex. For a media darling, that's to be expected.

But Bruce having sex with celebrities, much like everything else in his day life, would be a front. It's for appearance's sake - solely to deflect suspicion off of himself. Even having a one-night stand with a gorgeous model would be for the sake of Batman - not necessarily for personal pleasure.
It begs the question then, is Bruce inherently a sexless being who is just going through the motions to keep up a facade? Or does he enjoy it like everyone else, in spite of viewing it as a diversion?

But with Selina and Talia (and other female characters), there's a personal and intimate connection. Suddenly, Bruce Wayne is making decisions despite what they may mean for Batman. The line between the two personas would be blurred. Again, it may just be my personal interpretation, but he can't allow Bruce Wayne to bleed into Batman. The two have to be separate.
Again, carrying out a relationship is where Bruce would draw the line. Intimacy might be present and at times sexual encounters grow from it, but I don't think that ultimately gets in the way of "the mission" if he maintains it at minor occurrences or in small doses. That's how it's been portrayed since the very beginning. I can't recall many instances in which Bruce outright forbids physical connections with anyone.

Truthfully BB and TDK is the only time it has been implicit that Bruce is genuinely incapable of forming any type of real, romantic bond. Just going by the general timeline, I don't see any room for it. And Bale's performance certainly doesn't indicate it's there. I'd be interested to hear Nolan's thoughts on it. I've always suspected his tendency to shy away from sexuality in general has reflected on his direction for Batman. It managed to work since it's not a terribly integral element of the character. But it is interesting as almost every other iteration has at least referenced Bruce's many flings.

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