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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - Part 19

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
I got the impression from past Joe Letteri interviews that it seemed like Weta was doing most of the heavy lifting. Letteri's comments implied a close working relationship with Snyder, such Weta was helping to develop the overall style of the film's effects.
As did i i. I thought they were the main vendor handling the biggest shots.

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
Nevertheless, Weta's decreased involvement could be a good thing. From what I understand, their work on The Hobbit is coming under a lot of criticism, whereas Double Negative's work on The Dark Knight Rises was, with the exception of the football stadium, rather excellent.
I dunno about the VFX in Hobbit being criticised. It;s the 48 fps taking alot of heat not the VFX. In fact the 48fps works best when VFX are shown .

Originally Posted by Kal-El.9859 View Post
I like WETA but some of Rise of The Planet of The Apes just looked fake and that little critter in The Hobbit looks fake as fake can be. I hope we don't have any of that crappy looking SFX in Man of Steel.
WETA is very good but even they can have problems delivering shots. DOn't forget that just as with X-Men First Class , the production of Planet of the APes was rushed. THey had very limited amount of time to deliver a rather large amount of VFX shots.

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
Yeah you might be right. I really really can't wait to see Zod's armor and who/what the mocap guy is supposed to be. I'd be alot more at ease if they actually wore practical suits on set and the CGI was built on top of that. When has full CGI attire ever worked in a film? GL is an example of it not working at all (and I believe WETA was involved in that). It's just gonna stick out like a sore thumb in this real world they're portraying if alot of the Krytonian elements are noticeably CGI'd.
Davey Jones in the POTC movies.
Iron Man in well Iron Man

Originally Posted by Rust View Post
Did WETA also do the designs for District9 rather than just the CGI?

Compared to GL District9 looked amazing, and I'm hoping for that approach in MOS to design and execution when talking realism. GL really had the most phony and uninspired look to it. The only things (looking) real in the Oa-sequences were the heads of Reynolds and Strong.
WETA was responsible for the space ship shots and the mecha stuff in D9. Also what helps to sell the realism in D9 was the fact that they shot it gritty handheld style with alot of practical locations.
GL for the most part was just green screen set after green screen set.

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