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Default Re: The Official "I Loved Raimi's Spider-Man' Thread - Part 1 of 99 Luft - Par

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
We would have had a Spider-Man 4. But I would rather think of this: if Spider-Man 3 had Vulture instead of Venom, who would have been the villain in a fourth installment if S-M 3 was as big of a hit with critics as Raimi's first two Spidey films?

Lizard maybe?
Going back to my original question, I think it depended on how much studio involvement was in that film. I mean if they did do Vulture (which I think now would have much more sense in terms of teaming up villains) instead of Venom, then Sam would have had his way and would have gain the trusted of TPTB had that film been a success.

But then again, you have to wonder if they would have tried to force Venom into SM4 and if the results would have been the same. But I think Lizard was definitely next on the list. I really can't seem Sam promoting a movie with someone like Shocker or Rhino before doing someone with a more personal attachment with Peter.

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