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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Not to mention everyone and their mother calls him crazy or a psychopath at some point in the movie.
And that gives them all Ph.Ds? He's crazy like a fox, as they say.

Joker, to me this is just like the child spy argument that you were making about the Ra's/Talia thing. I'm not going to pretend the death penalty doesn't exist in this world and that it wouldn't be a possibility for someone like The Joker. I'm not even trying to argue that it IS what happened to him, I'm just saying it's as much a possibility as anything, especially when you're dealing with a cop killer, and someone with hundreds if not thousands of attempted murder charges. A full-on domestic terrorist. I like the novel's idea about him being the last Arkham inmate. But as per the movies, we have no concrete way of knowing what happened to The Joker...other than that he wasn't in Blackgate.

Semi-related, but a lot of what's going on with the James Holmes case now has to do with whether he will plead insanity or not as an attempt to avoid the death penalty. But if he does, it will go under heavy scrutiny and could backfire.

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